Saturday, March 15, 2008

Reno and the Paipo quest

Here we have a pic I snapped in September 2003 of Reno Abellira
and Skip Frye at the first "Fish Fry" gathering. Reno was living
with my brother Peter at the time. My brother and I had both
grown up in awe of Reno's style...Peter's surfing style is very
Abelliraesque...So the fact that through serendipitous events
that are far too complex to go into now...the two ended up
as roomates for awhile. Anyway, Reno was the first interview
I did for Hydrodynamica back in 2003. He asked what I wanted
to start with and the first thing i said was "PAIPO." Reno proceeded
to break it down...Val Ching, Wally al. For the next
five years we spent considerable time and energy documenting
the links between the paipo, the Lis fish, and the Simmons
hydrodynamic planing hull. We interviewed Wally Froiseth and
Valentine Ching...Tom Morey...Tom Henry...Ray Jr Hookano...
Peter Pope... Rabbit Kekai...I want to thank them all for sharing
something very personal and sacred with us. Above the
Skip and Reno pic are a few frame grabs from our paipo quest...

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