Wednesday, April 23, 2008

the friendly ghost


Parallel Universe said...

Soooo, how exactly do you learn how to bottom turn like that?
There's something special about that board: the fact that it 'friendly', not stealthy and tech and 'high performance', that it has a direct link to a rich history. Fantastic.
Did you scale the 9' Simmons down, or did you keep the width? How wide IS it?
Thanks for a good blog.

MJL said...

Wow - looks so FUN! I'm sure it may be a case of the "archer not the arrow", but those photos capture some high speed carving at its finest. Would be a blast to get one under my feet.

Nice work, as always!


Nuno said...

Full Commitment of the rail, great moment!

Anonymous said...

BUY ONE NOW! I just spent a week surfing on one in a fun 4' combo swell. the best pocket surfing you will ever experience, both fore hand & back.RK , should go down in the surfing history books for this.He just brought back, from the grave a great &( almost gone forever )piece of surfings past.If he had not explored the evolution of this design, I'm sure this board would have been forgotten about.The spirt of experimental surfing still lives, thanks to those like RK thinking outside of the box .GREAT WORK!