Tuesday, December 16, 2008

mick mackie's flex pin

it ain't easy to impress Ekstrom, but Carl was very stoked on
mick's concept and execution with this flex pin fish,
a new arrival in the Southland via Terra Australis Incognita.
"some good thinking went into this..."
understatement: mackie has serious skills in the boarding arts.
thats mark wolfinger giving the mackie a go.


Parallel Universe said...

Kia ora!
I was waiting for you to get your hands on a Mackie flex tail.
Had the good fortune to see him ride one at the Gold Coast Fish Fry (but never got to try it out myself), and it was evident how whippy yet smooth that board was.
It's a pleasure following your experimentations.
Thank you

Ivàn Osìo M. said...

And Happy New Year
From Canary Islands