Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Simmons's philosophy was to build just enough
boards to support his surfing habit.
We agree.
By popular demand the mini Simmons planing hull
is available at the following shops, staffed by
our friends and fellow stoked test pilots:

Patagonia (Cardiff by the Sea, Devon, Jon, & crew)

Mollusk (SF, NYC, VENICE, John, Dutchie, Bubbie, & crew)

Mitch's (La Jolla, Solana Beach, Mitch, Carter, & crew)

Shelter Surf Shop (Long Beach, Graham, Kim, RT, & crew)

Thalia Street Surf Shop (Laguna, Nick, Cori, and mad OC peeps)

Surf Garage (Honolulu, Oahu, TORU!)

Jack Ocean (Japan, CHO SAN & CREW)

for more info please call the Swift Movement 619 696 0677


kerso said...

Free Hydrodynamica! Release the movie!

Thanks for the teaser.

hydrodynamica said...

working on the film everyday, flat busted
broke to the curb, doing it RIGHT, with
EYEBALLS, getting by on just love and support.
That being said, the film should be
finished by May 2009.

warm jet said...

yes sir.
make it right!
great so far, just makes me keep drooling.
Always great surfing by RK yet interesting to see the different approaches to the design.
(love that last pocket ride by RK)

ras said...

been watching closely too from over here in the Canadian Maritimes to see what transpires.
I've posted the clip of you surfing tiny Malibu and the 5'6" and watched it over and over. perfect speed generation -no hopping -just translating subtle movements into speed. pure style. a certain up and coming shaper at Mollusk NYC said to me that "RK is the best surfer I've ever seen."

Anonymous said...

Great surfing Richard.

Can't wait to see the project.

kaser_one said...

the bottom projection at :36 had to be watched about 9 times in a row.

nice footage!

asmith said...

I love the frontside rail grab bottom turn at the Queen.

RK- I am stoked and grateful to hear that the film is alive and kicking.

Parallel Universe said...

Kia ora!
Best news in ages, but sad to hear about your dire financial straits. May good friends, surf and the support from all over see you through.
Kia kaha, kia toa, kia manawanui

Surfy Surfy! said...

That little bar of soap looks like it works pretty good.

Mofo said...

My god! I just watch that over and over and over again! I can't wait for this to be made and released.
So good and looks like so much fun!