Monday, February 9, 2009


RP & RK go way back... a 36 year surfer/ shaper relationship, in fact.
Rusty was a garage dude back in those days, making Music Surfboards.
Blacks was uncrowded! The Shores was always PERFECT!
lastest offering from RP ala THE HYDRODYNAMICA PROJECT. Fins by Geppie.


hydrodynamica said...

This board is a continued refinement of the Simster,
Simmons inspired Tri Fin designed by Joe Bauguess and Richard Kenvin. Grateful to have Rusty's precision
technique applied...and looking forward to Joe's return
from Costa Rica, when we can pow wow about more new stuff.

Anonymous said...


How about your quiver in the background!! Whatch u got in the case, looks pretty sweet! Your site and boards are inspiring to say the least!

bubbie said...

Can't wait to have these in our brown waters!!
Is this PU or Epoxy Professor?

Anonymous said...

ARE Rusty and RK Queer or does it just look that way?

hydrodynamica said...

what if we were?
homophobic cretins give surfing
a bad name.
homophobic cretin...
meaning you, "anonymous"