Thursday, March 26, 2009

sideshows and novelties

windswell is best!
thy shores...lets see.
39th season there...
claiming it! Gary Keating, Tim Lynch...
they were the guys...power surfers!
all those shaper egos and yet...
a finless parabolic plank modeled after
the ancients happens to be the funnest
solution to high tide Shores i've come across yet.
sorry FCS! next in line would be a mini simmons
planing hull...both solutions have been
left out of modern surfing history...
sideshows...novelties...crack pot sleds...
ahhh...the power of mainstream behavior.
fun needs no categories or criteria.
thanks andre for the pics i stole from your site!


borntoloser said...

Do you ever surf Archies' on the alai'a? I've not seen any good backside surfing on those yet.

Eef said...

i really like the slidey alaia style. Great pics!