Wednesday, September 2, 2009

windanwood augusto

7'2" x 19" x .75" finless by Jon Wegener.
Music was performed by my dad, Earl, on
a vintage circa 1930 ukulele. He miked it
at his little house in Alamogordo, New Mexico.
At 82 years of age, the tiny neck of the uke
helps, as his fingers are not as flexible as they
once were.


jhall said...

diggin the vid..hows the planks working in the beachbreaks?

micro said...

that is ferkin cool, love what your documenting, cant wait to see the movie, awesome, micro

Eef said...

amazing footage and great skill!! I love the alaia ride turned into a bodysurf :D

i alway thought alaias needed much steeper waves.



Santos SurfArt said...


Dr. Robert said...

best ride..
the last one.

Anonymous said...

Earl's got skills.

Steve and Cher Pendo said...

Beautiful, and love hearing your Father's ukelele.

jb said...

too many good things to say about this

Anonymous said...

yeah rk, sooooooo nice with da uke

Flying said...

some sweet take off technic !