Monday, November 22, 2010


Tyler is a very talented dude who is fortunate enough to be coming of age at a time in surfing when his kind of gifts are nurtured and appreciated instead of ignored or marginalized. This is good for Tyler, and good for the rest of us, because Tyler has something worth sharing. Tyler expresses his surf/life aesthetic through exquisitely rendered art nouveau drawings and paintings. The subject matter may be whimsical but his technique is serious. The same can be said of his forays into surfboard shaping. While Tyler's boards have decorative appeal, they are also skillfully crafted, functional creations, and he surfs them with polished flair, whether a 10'6" log or a 4'6" mini-simmons. Like his paintings and drawings, his boards have evolved from his esoteric meanderings into periods of art and surf history, to be poured through his aesthetic filter, and Tylerized (i.e. PICKLED) for his personal use and our vicarious enjoyment.

pics by Soren Heil

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Eef said...

Great stuff, i love how allround talented he is!