Saturday, August 15, 2009

Constipated Ducks

Jeff Beck: The Yardbirds...Blow by Blow, Wired....and now laminate fauxlaia's.
No...actually THIS Jeff Beck is a young board crafter from Bolsa Chica way...
RT and Matt Shuster came down to the twang with Burch
for a little session and Becks new foam core fauxlaia. I'm not 100% sure of the constuction
of the fauxlaia...believe it has eps any rate it was
finless and pretty damn fun to ride and paddled well.
check Lucas buttboard chop hop. Why Lucas and Burch
wear those nasty fullsuits when the water is 73 degrees
is still a mystery...RTs bearded cuttie. grabs by Shuster.


copperdove said...

Glad you like the board Richard! It seems to have gone over well with everyone who's tried it out so far. It's made with EPS and has a poplar deck. There's more info on it here

Anonymous said...

Digging "the Twang."
Ledterman would salute you.