Wednesday, August 12, 2009

more BS on the white pony

Ryan Thomas snuck a few of Ryan Burch riding the White Pony in the new
Volcom flick...BS! RT directed it...
Thats RTs personal...White Pony II.


Anonymous said...

usually the clips are great
maybe I'm missing something here..

R.T. said...

what you are missing is the context of how the two clips play in the film BS!

the two quick clips with music are excerpted directly from the film— edited as such, they work within the flow of the segment they are a part of in the film, but pulled out on their own they feel short... so the entire length of the raw footy of each clip has been included here as well.

hydrodynamica said...

whoops...ahhh...its just a tiny slice of rt's
flick where Ryan rides a couple
on the white yeah
its rough i guess but there it is.
just turn the sound down and watch
Burch flow...BS! is a crazy little
flick...intense study of intense young
surfers PUSHING IT. made me want
to ride a thruster.