Thursday, April 15, 2010


Lucas Dirkse and Ryan Burch manifest the
Possum Lord Bord phenom. this is sacred shit
and i'll only leave it up for a couple of days.


Eef said...



HA said...

some truly next level surfing. absolutely mental.

Glassics said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you sir may I have another.

Total mind fuck.

正碩嫌念阿彌陀佛往生西方極樂世界 said...

阿彌陀佛 無相佈施


之為腥。所謂「葷腥」即這兩類的合稱。 葷菜
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興渠另說為洋蔥。) 肉 蛋 奶?!

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log 二0.3010 三0.47710.48 五0.6990 七0.8451 .85
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=>十3.16 π∈Q' 一點八1.34

Anonymous said...

Wish there were more kids around like this.

srfnff said...

Egregiously excellent. It works!

Surfsister said...

Mind blowing!! I ride hulls, but that's taking it back to the complete essence of riding a hull. This video was just fantastic. Thank you!

hydrodynamica said...

you must understand that a planing
hull is VERY different than a displacement
hull, right?

Ron said...

Please finish the damn movie. If you need to, make it part one and do another if needed, just finish it!!

Anonymous said...

Was wondering if you glassed the hulls after they were shaped, or if you just rode them as the raw foam. Also, what kind of foam were you using for the hulls?

Anonymous said...

these are planing hulls not displacement hulls. they ride on top of the water, rather than in it, and are not glassed they are in the raw.

Surfsister said...

Yes, I do understand that. Now I'm intrigued and wondering how I can make myself a planing hull to add to my quiver. You need to come up here. Maybe we can all do some experimenting at Kirk's place. I'll bring the pizza!

Surfsister said...

Paul Gross tried to explain the difference to me years ago. Even though it was done by email, I think he knew my eyes were glazing over and gave up trying to explain it. LOL

Huck said...

way cool! Thanks for posting this!

John said...

What an inspirational session!!!

John Chellemi

Run.Haole.Run said...

Reminds me of what Tom Morrey was up to all those years ago. The surfing looks like the guys who rip boogie boards out here on the north shore. Anyone remember using a warm clothes iron and newspaper to seal the foam on a boogie board?

dogleg said...
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wavechild said...

So would an alaia be considered a planing hull? Or just a planing wave riding tool? Or what? said...

The footage has been sped up

hydrodynamica said...

thats the best thing i've
heard yet. the footage
has been sped up!
of course! we'll come
down with Ryan for a
visit...seeing is believing
of course, but thats not
the point. said...

All good it's a nice video, but I notice that you are not denying it regarding the speeding up of footage. So much footage these days has the speed toggled upwards in the fast sections. They are fast boards even if you have

hydrodynamica said...

olo i assure you the footage
has NOT been sped up.
hope we can come to nz
someday Ryan would go
crazy on the left points.