Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ryan Field

Once upon a time Ryan was the assistant to Annie Leibovitz
in New York City. For the past seven years he has been
a noble and stalwart member of the Hydrodynamica crew,
creating images of power and beauty...here he shoots
Lord Bord #1 in Loft 9. Yesterday.


ant said...

Is that possum on the top or bottom of the board? How do those boards work in smaller waves? I read that they work better in bigger waves.

hydrodynamica said...

"there are no dimensions when it comes
to foam...." -Ryan Burch

"its just square..." -Lucas Dirkse

Anonymous said...

"this is overkill for a piece of foam" - me

ant said...

I see...

hydrodynamica said...

there have been many cases
of "overkill" in surfdom...
and this is NOT one of them.
this fun, its history, and
Ryan is making beautiful
photographs...of ALL the
project boards, not just
the foam. 37 page story in
the Journal on displacement hulls?