Sunday, October 3, 2010

all within the view from Chandler's picture window...
meanwhile the little sister sleeps until a worthy
visitor from the northwest awakens her.
Lawrence Lumbeck & Summer Rain...
if you know...if you don't know
i can't tell.


Anonymous said...

Pocket reefs and pocket books...
La Jolla noir and sandstone soul.
Lumbeck with fedora, cravat, and walking stick, boulevardier with sound curriculum vitae, including sliding on his back at Pipe.
You're dropping knowledge like Galileo dropped the orange. SD= Lester Bangs, Mike Davis, Tom Waits, Frank Zappa, and Mr. Mojo Risin'. Not bad for a hick navy town.

Scott H

Bob said...

Old bodysurfers don't die-
They move to Mt. Soledad.