Thursday, October 14, 2010

"Simmons was indeed a rare, rare man.
Like in the book "The Fountainhead"- here was a guy who believed pretty radically in something... He had a better mind than any of us guys. He was a man. He neither gave nor asked for quarter from anyone.
'Fuck all you guys!" He was a loner...beautiful."

- Dave Rochlen

from a long time ago in a now defunct surf magazine.


Dr. Robert said...

the mag' is probably Surf of the best and most core ever.
check out "Death of a Surf Magazine" online by Bob Fiegler.
the full story is there.
Ayn Rand is total crap offense to Rochlen, or his allusion regarding Simmons.
Which was accurate.

Mr. E.T. said...

Ayn Rand offers an insight into a different way of thinking. It may seem cruel and "selfish", but ultimately it is about living your life for yourself and not for anyone else. It is about believeing in yourself and not giving a shit what anyone else says. It is about a person's "ego" being the thing that gives them confidence. It is this confidence that drives people to create. Ayn Rand is genius.

Royal said...

"motion" was my word key/egoverufucation thingy...

how fitting...

Beetlejuice said...

Thanks to Ayn Rand for her clarity of thought regarding great leaders of the day in all fields of endeavor. Those people bring so much to society. Simmons,Bill Gates, Abe Lincoln,George Washington , all like Howard Roark.

Anonymous said...

Or people like beetlejuice.

The end.

Anonymous said...

The Fountainhead is a farce. I'd be careful about comparing Simmons to the character Howard Roark.

hydrodynamica said...

its an old quote.
its inspiring outside the
realm of Rand and The Fountainhead.
for me at least.

prahalad said...

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