Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Burch parallel 'o' gram...

Ryan made this board a month ago and we showed it in the Remember the Future
exhibit here on Saturday March 26th. He rode it for the first time yesterday, March 29th,
which happens to be Simmons' birthday, on the same lefts at Windansea where Simmons rode his planing hulls. Ryan put a little Simmons and a little Ekstrom in this one.
A deconstructed shortboard? some ways. But more a continuation of an older design school that is still evolving at the old venue.
Happy birthday Bob.


Jon Wegener said...

very cool


Boosting.. Shredding, pump it up!

Anonymous said...

word ver is testica - ha!

CM said...

I asked RK at a film premiere once, "where can all this design and seemingly "old" function take us in the years to come?" I think he was a bit miffed and defended the Bob and his designs as timeless and current. After, we spoke and he answered my question with what Ryan is riding here. If the world ends in 2012, seems we've done just fine.