Thursday, March 17, 2011

heading to Sacred Craft show in Santa Cruz.

Ekstrom, Burch, level.


Eef said...

very beautiful! I love the white channeld one.


Joe said...


brenton said...

where do i sign?

zuzu said...

Nice blog!

Lindsay said...

As an avid surfer and surf artist, that now lives in the Washington DC area and had grown up in southern California area, I have found my recent surf trip to New Port Beach a little disturbing. I am lucky because I make it out to CA almost once a month if not every other month, and I always pack the surfboard to get my beach time in. This past weekend I went to check out the waves around 40th street and it was a mush pot. Most likely due to all of the off shore storming and the terrible Tsunami that took place in Japan. The waves were huge (which could be good for some people) and they were everywhere. Not only was it a big rapid race but the water was dirty, and I mean very dirty. There was trash and pollution floating around everywhere and made me sick looking at it. Whoever says that the CA beaches are fine and no need for funding are completely ignorant and messed up. Not just as a surfer but as a human who enjoys the beach I found it very upsetting. There wasn't much that could be done about the wave conditions but the ocean itself looked terrible. Unfortunately March was not a good surf report for New Port Beach, CA. Though it is still one of my all-time favorite spots and doing surf art is what keeps me sane living on the east coast.
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