Saturday, March 9, 2013

Family gathering, March 9th, 2013.

From left:

Casper I
September 2006 (6'0"x 23")
surfed by RK, Andrew Kidman, Dan Malloy, Tyler Warren, Daniel Thomson, Ryan Burch, Lucas Dirkse,
Jen Smith, Tiare Thompson, Ryan Bracker, Joe Curren, Chris Slayter, Chris Ward,  Carsten Booth, Tony Alva, Larry Lumbeck, Joe Skoby and many others.

Casper II
August 2007 (5'3" x 23")
Surfed by RK, Andrew Kidman, Chris Slayter, Kelly Slater (one wave at Rincon) Joe Curren, Tony Alva, Joe Skoby and many more.

White Pony I 2007 (4'11" x 23.5")
Surfed by RK, Ryan Thomas, Ryan Burch, Skip McCullough, Lucas Dirkse, Tony Alva, Chris Slayter, Ryan Bracker, Matt Wesson, Tim O'Rourke y mas.

Slimmons I 2007 (5'6" x 18.75")
Surfed by Lucas Dirkse, Ryan Burch, RK, Joe Skoby...

Simster II 2008 (5'2" x 20")
Surfed by Mark Wolfinger, Max Diaz, Lucas Dirkse, RK, Josh Mulcoy, Ryan Bracker & a bunch of others.

The original design concepts explored here come from Bob Simmons and Steve Lis.

All boards were made for the Hydrodynamica project at my and John Elwell's request to explore and acknowledge the design contributions of the shapers named above and to begin our own applications of Simmons theory to modern boards.


Unknown said...


Your sharing of this has been a great motivator. Really appreciated.

Helped my surfing tremendously as well as my design direction.

Ian Ponting
Haiku, HI

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thomas said...

Chris Slayter - a great surfer. Sort of dropped off the scene.. anyone know whether he's still surfing?