Monday, March 4, 2013

Heliocentric model of the Heavens.

John Elwell with dual keel modern planing hull shaped by Daniel Thomson. Photographed on September 27th 2012 near the spot where Elwell first met Bob Simmons in 1949. Being neither an outstanding surfer nor a shaper, John faced an uphill battle defending and acknowledging Simmons' legacy.  If not for John we wouldn't know anything about  Simmons and the dual keel hydrodynamic planing hull. Elwell brought Simmons back into surfing, not just for Simmons' past accomplishments and contributions, but for his relevance in the present. Largely because of Elwell, young shapers like Daniel Thomson have a very specific and clear first-hand understanding of Simmons' basic formula. And the boards, whether they've got two fins or five, just get better and better. Photos by Doug Wylie.  

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Gerry said...

Is this a chunky model shaped especially or is it a trick of the eye ?