Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Daniel Thomson eppie in the shorie.

Daniel Thomson came thru after
a two year haitus, spending a night
here before heading for...kentucky?
yes, kentucky.Took him for a
shorie jet lag sesh fresh of the trans-pacific
slog... DT is holding
a quiver of ultra high performance
kinetic energy deflectors...years of
collaboration with his father Mark
are evident, though DT is a design
force in his own right...and he's an ok
surfer too. (he fucking RIPS)
very impressive boards. the last time
i was with DT he was
testing Casper in Baja Sur...this little
dual blade channel is a super refined
mutated caspernoid via terra australis
incognita...couple years down the road.


DK said...

Leave it to him to take the simmons to the next level. Good footage! looks like the waves have been fun down there.

Anonymous said...

Thats good news for us Aussies, specially since he and his dad only live down the road.

Anonymous said...

looks like daniel-san is keeping some thickness in the tailblock ala 5050waveskate