Monday, April 6, 2009

maximum joy

a little edit of Max Diaz slicing and dicing past two days on the Simmons test track.
5'2" planing hull tri.


bubbie said...

My god..that cures my ill!

pushingtide said...


Anonymous said...

Any feedback on how the keel quad simster performs compared to the tri simster and casper?

hydrodynamica said...

the dual keel and the quad
don't have the pivot point of
the tri BUT who really needs
to pivot on a 5'4"? the quad
pulls the tightest carves ever,
gotta have strong legs. planing
hull is a fulfilled design, any
combo will work, just a slightly
different trip with each board.
we're still in early stages of riding.

Lamont said...


Awesome footage.

Brennan's Pub said...

quick question: will there be a oppurtunity to choose tail and nose styles? After years of striking out with customs I hope the answer is no...but after surfing a casper for awhile (an amazing board I recommended to anyone)I would love to try a quad with the sim-fish tail, and a very slightly pointy nose....thanks for all your dedication and have made mariginal winter days, practically epic...