Tuesday, April 14, 2009

maximum joy III

ok one more of Max Factor test tracking today.
5'2" planing hull.
doing it for RWS and Peter Parkin.
The test track had a little class today.
everyone knows we just survived the worst
winter ever... video


jhall said...

i like this one the most. thanks for posting.

richcorbin said...

that wave looks really fun, great to see someone thinking outside the box when it comes to surfboards.

Wasabi said...

ah man, such a nice wave - makes it hard to get up and go surf big windswell in 47 degree water up here in Nor Cal!

mike@waveridersgallery.net said...

He carves walls in longhand. I like the tightly rotated cutbacks on the high-lines... just so pretty to watch. Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

i really dig that song...hovercraft somethin or other...who's singing that one?