Monday, July 6, 2009



goatbird said...

they forgot that most salutary of regulations, which surely has saved the life of many a san diego citizen, namely the prohibtion of all jumping from rocks over 5 ft in height into the pacific.

fuck the lawyers , the motherfuckin litigators, and every other motherfucker tellin us how to live.
die slow miserable cunts.
die slow.

Anonymous said...

you guys all still park in the lot? what a bunch of hypocrits.
im painting all the signs and rocks fuckin black tonight...
fuck you... windansea surf club has been dead for years... should be windanbank for all those rich kooks who just buy their way in.
alternative to new lot... hmmmm
new storm drains instead maybe.?
FUCK YOU SOFT BITCHES, yall conformed to some bullshit. I went the butch v route, he was right... over it and I WILL snake you if a good left comes in this godforesaken summer.
watch out for rodger kooks hes is still oldskool enough to run u over fag.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ someone needs a wave ! ;)