Friday, July 31, 2009

The spirit of '09

July 24th 2009. Sixty years later,,,the ghosts
are calling. Lucas Dirkse and Ryan Burch.
Balsa dual fin hydrodynamic planing hull
glued and shaped by JOE BAUGUESS.


hydrodynamica said...

the shortboarder took off behind Lucas after
the kid had been on the wave for a good 20 seconds.
Lucas caught the wave at the bottom of second
point, double overhead, we missed the first
third of the wave. Same with Burch's wave,
double overhead bomb, but we missed the
first two thirds of the ride. Viva ED WOOD!

Anonymous said...

well there ya go
I'll buy it

warm jet said...

great music.

alpha male said...

Is this an El Nino winter coming on? I'm expecting to see footage of these guys out at the Sloughs wearing WWII surplus wool underwear for warmth. I'm not joking.