Monday, February 15, 2010

frame grabs from footage shot by ryan field. 9'0" balsa dual fin Simmons replica.


Anonymous said...

I think this may be a case of "'s the surfer, not the board...". But having said that, that board sure holds.

hydrodynamica said...

The Simmons planing hull is
an amazing design. The board is
100% functional. Its just different
than what we have been conditioned
to ride. People scoffed at Elwell,
but everything John told me about
what a planing hull was capable of
doing was true. Its just a simple
(yet complex!) basic building block
of board design. It has far more in
common with ancient finless boards
than it does with "longboards" or redwood planks any of that stuff.
I've been riding a 6'9" Rawson thruster in the morning and riding
the planing hull in the evening.
The two designs complement each other perfectly, believe it or not.
Neither one is better than the other, they both do what they were
designed to do...once i just started
accepting a board for what it was
then i became free to really enjoy it. the thruster feels just as exotic and different as the Simmons