Friday, February 12, 2010

Mark Thomson passing it along to his son Daniel

Daniel Thomson is Mark Thomson's son. The black fish
Daniel is shown holding and riding here is the 'Drongo",
Mark built it in 2004 after
we did some collaborating on Hydrodynamica. Mark did some
epic filming and then he started making some boards...
and they were not ordinary boards...nothing Mark does is ordinary.
He rode some of our vintage fish and immediately set about making
an updated version.
Mark used the cutaway blade keel fins he has been developing for
over 20 years on the Drongo, and the Drongo is the seed board for
the Thomson's series of ultra high performance Simmons/fish inspired
surfboards. Daniel and Mark surfed the hell out Mark's Drongo boards,
and Daniel is now using elements from the Drongo in his own boards,
including those three sticks at Mitch's. The thing about the
Thomson's is they are dead f'ckin serious about surfing and
design, but know how to have a little fun too. The two black and
white pics, portrait of Daniel with Drongo and
Drongo resting on roof were taken by Greg Betz in NYC in September 2004.
The close up of the Mark Thomson flex tail with blade fins
is from way back, like 1992 or so. Pic of Daniel on the original
Drongo is at Jeffrey's Bay in 2005. Mark designs and builds surf craft
under his Krypt label down in Terra Australus Incognita.

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Royal said...

Tomo is an absolute star. It wasn't until very recently I realized just how much of my own "design" work should have been credited to Daniel and his father.

To that end, Daniel has be very gracious and quite humble in sharing that history and how their design developed, for which I am now very grateful.

As always, thanks for the stoke, and inspiration