Tuesday, February 23, 2010


A few years ago Christian Beamish and I had a few conversations
about bringing Simmons design into a big wave board. A sort of
cross between a planing hull and a vintage Pat Curren gun.
I said I thought about that stuff a lot, but didn't have
the balls to go out in really heavy surf. Christian, however,
does have the balls, and he is currently
fulfilling his desire to build and ride a unique series
of big wave boards that use elements of the great boards
of the late 1940s and early 50's. The boards shown in these
posts were built by Christian after he took templates
and measurements from Simmons and Curren boards at
the Surfing Heritage Museum in San Clemente. They
are both dual fins.
Patrick Trefz has been documenting this passion
of Mr. Beamish for his new film, "Idiosyncrasies".
what does it all mean? it means across the board
and around the world surfers are taking back surfing
one chunk at a time...and Beamish is biting off some
really big chunks. Good work Christian.


dogleg said...

great .

andrew said...

riding a Beamish made glider is one of my surfing pleasures. "Taking back surfing" indeed.

FMR said...

thats whatsup

Tom and Darlene Way said...

I love all this. Out of all the so called 'ferals', 'soul surfers' and 'out there' thinkers in the surf limelight this guy is quietly living it all 100%. Looking forward to seeing more on this project.

Anonymous said...

yeh what tom/darlene said