Tuesday, June 1, 2010

History Part II : Faithfully Compiling The Facts

History part I was quoted,
very late at night and compulsively

Mason & Dixon by Thomas Pynchon

Attn The Rev Wicks Cherrycoke.

Attention Mr " No Reply Mason Dixon":

Faithfully Compiled Facts are available,
only to you, Mr No Reply,
upon request.

I will treat the magical surfing of the kids
on the planing totems who glide over that stretch
of water haunted by Simmons as Pynchon advises:

Tend it lovingly and honorably...
MASTERS OF DISGUISE... fabulists....and while we are at it,
we will continue to faithfully compile the facts
that make your cherished facts so irrelevant.



Richard Kenvin


Kirk said...

Pynchon is probably the greatest surf writer ever, better even than Derek Hynd. It's become all about the struggle against entropy, the fight against doing and thinking what they want you to do and think and letting them take what they want to take. Surfing needs a Chums Of Chance (and a talking dog). As the great man himself said: "it is a time of unrestrained corporate greed, false religiosity, moronic fecklessness, and evil intent in high places. No reference to the present day is intended or should be inferred."

Thos said...

Sounds like you guys are surfin' on Pynched rails.

Loving the work. Can't wait for the film. Keep on keeping on...

billy brown said...

mason/dixon is one of pynchons weaker tomes although better than most scribblings of any surf scribe yet i would love to see an against the day version of a surf article full of arcane facts about auras, entropy and long rambling sentences that last for two pages winding through landscapes of information. you kick ass rk! a fuggin pynchon reference for petes sake! wow. keep it up and i will feel good to know that limber minds are at the helm of the surf scene not just corpo jagoffs looking for the next andino. aloha.

Finney said...

Here's the exact quote:

"Who claims Truth, Truth abandons. History is hir'd, or coerc'd, only in Interests that must ever prove base. She is too innocent, to be left within the reach of anyone in Power, -- who need but touch her, and all her Credit is in the instant vanish'd, as if it had never been. She needs rather to be tended lovingly and honorably by fabulists and counterfeiters, Ballad-Mongers and Cranks of ev'ry Radius, Masters of Disguise to provide her the Costume, Toilette, and Bearing, and Speech nimble enough to keep her beyond the Desires, or even the Curiosity, of Government."

--Mason & Dixon, Chapter 35,
pg. 350

hydrodynamica said...

Ben Finney.


hydrodynamica said...

the compilation of facts in this
case reveals a story that begs
to written by Pynchon. Why did
Cook go to Tahiti? How did the industrial revolution start?
Kings and commoners...Bernoulli
and boomerangs...the Simmons brothers, surfings secrets locked in a Gothic Institution in Honolulu while
the kids stood up and ripped on
plywood rubble and real estate signs
keeping those secrets alive against all odds as Waikiki/Vegas PRIVATE PROPERTY erupted over sacred
ground...meanwhile...a rolling board with wheels...ITS THE STORY OF THE COMMONERS...all we've been fed is the story of THE KINGS.

Scott said...

You're going quantum.
Pynchon and Windan rats...
In the Kolmar whomp, no one knows where the nose goes when the doors close.

It's a joy to be along on this ride.