Tuesday, September 14, 2010


SQUARE ONE: Serious fun with Lindsay Lord and the Yard Possums by RK.
Being loaded for distribution right now...
here's two pages from a 12 page spread.
for more please buy a copy and support real surf journalism
from the source. thank you.


Rich said...

no disrespect,but...it's one of hundreds of different types of "boogieboards" that are in any shops outdooor rental rack. come on...it's basically the same. maybe it's me...sorry.

hydrodynamica said...

not really.
its to illustrate a point
through lindsay lord/planing/
paipos/and simmons from the 1940s.
but if you want to put a label on it thats ok.

Nathan Oldfield said...

A well-deserved twelve page spread in the Journal. It is entirely new surfing, & it is beautiful to see. That pic of Ryan's grab-rail-only-holding-in-by-the-last-few-inches-of-tail-bottom-turn is mind blowing. More power to him.

decembersnowskates said...

..its so clean...i love it..congrats

injunjoe said...

Rich, no disrespect,but...the pig you ride is one of hundreds of different types of 'long boards' that are in any shops outdoor rental rack. But I'll bet you'll tell me that they are all different...and i'll believe you.

look at the details! you'll see something magical.


hydrodynamica said...

guys...no battles please.
good clean fun. a little history.
a lot of creativity and talent from
the yard possums. kid makes a planing board in four minutes flat and then goes and does stuff on it that is absolutely mind-blowing and can't be done on anything else...and the shape is straight out of Lords book that Simmons used...and you want to say that"s ordinary? run of the mill? ok,
cool...but i'll live in more interesting world, thank you.
aloha, peace be with you.

David Murphy said...

This article is awesome, thank you Kenvin! Lovin the history, please keep it coming.

Any tips on construction other than length= 2.5x width? Do you have to iron the foam to seal it? Will regular 2# foam work?

Alaia and Black ball beater obsessed in NYC,


Caveman said...

Ok, guys I've been reading all this stuff, the article is great, very well written, very nostalgic, it's all very good work thats happening here. So, ok, I live on Oahu, in town, I surf everywhere, all over the island, I surfed Makapu'u yesterday but not till the guards got off cause it's blackballed for boogers, which is fine, but man I think I could have some fun out there on some foam, or in town, or anywhere really, there's so many uncrowded interesting nook and cranny waves out here that would be fun on one of these Lord boards. But I need more info. Can I get some more info? I'm a substitute teacher who just wants to have fun shredding, come on man, I need foam; what's the best way of going about it?