Monday, September 6, 2010


We were beautiful...we were losers...
but we were in San Diego...alas...the backwater
that in many ways is really the cornerstone.
These images are from our old gallery space,
838G. During this time the concept for a film
that eventually evolved into Hydrodynamica was
born. the basic premise? By taking the urethane skateboard wheel
and shortboard surfing for granted we risked losing
our way...the ancestors needed to be understood and remembered.
something was definitely at stake. This stuff
is from midway through a twenty
plus year run we've had in this neighborhood east of
downtown san diego. cassius king gallery...
etc...the festivus is a continuation of
all the stuff we did before...and God willing
we ain't done yet.


Anonymous said...

These are awesome. A little history & perspective....

o4trix said...

inspiring indeed