Tuesday, September 28, 2010

photo courtesy of Woody Ekstrom


hydrodynamica said...

both of these photos were scanned from prints by Cher Pendarvis for the Hydrodynamica project. Thank you Cher.
This one is of the great house at what is now known as Simmons Reef.
The house still stands.

Anonymous said...

house was designed and built for sherwood(think sherwood auditorium MCASD LJ) by george washington smith a very well known montecito architect, who was also a capable painter. if you are going to do the spanish colonial revival schtick, this is the way. One of few architects who could actually recreate some of those amazing spanish buildings and spaces without losing something in the translation, like 99.99% of the spanish villa tract homes which litter the landscape. One of the most refreshing design features of the house is the brise soliel wood screen facing the sea and the restrained number of openings on west elevation. Every wonder why Belvedere street has the tall swaying palms?