Wednesday, September 8, 2010


'My heart is lost, lost.
My heart sets, sets.
My heart goes to the other world
My heart goes to the other world.
My heart goes to the ocean foam.
My heart goes to the ocean foam."

Death Song
Cupeno tribe (La Jolla area Native American)
The Way We Lived
California Indian Stories, Songs,
and Reminiscences
Malcolm Margolin


el goatbird said...

death songs are the best

Scott said...

Cupa— Pala indian village once extant in the Valle de San Jose, adjacent to John Warner's cattle operation and homestead near Palomar and Volcan mountain.
Not sure about the La Jolla connection despite the La Jolla/Amago band of Indians dwelling at the convergence of Luket Creek and the San Luis Rey.
Try Garth Murphy's "The Indian Lover" for empathetic insight into the San Diego "Mission Indian" experience.

RK, you're crushing it.
Tijuana film, historical references, etc.
Important work.
Worthy--and overdue--of patronage.


hydrodynamica said...

read Garth's book of course and Ramona. Cupeno just northeast of La Jolla with Kumeyaay dominant on coast.